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lab report three - offset was.01 depth was.03 and the feed...

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Laboratory Report on the design and machining of The Chess Piece in PC Turn 55 CNC machine Jeremy Debruce Thursday, October 09, 2008 Objective: The purpose of this lab was to design a chess piece using the PC Turn 55 CNC machine. The WinCam software will be used to perform this lab. This lab will help us to become more familiar with the WinCam software. Equipment: The equipment used was a PC Turn 55 CNC machine and Delron plastic stock of length. The software used was the WinCam. It has Three Components: CAD (Computer Aid Design), CAM (Computer Aid Manufacturing), and NC (Numerical Controlled Machining. Procedure: The WinCam has to be done in a series of steps. Therefore we used the CAD to plot all the points in there correct place. Also, we selected whether we were plotting an arc or a line. The CAM selection of the lab showed where the chess piece will be cut, and the NC combined with the PC Turn 55 was used to cut the piece out. Definitions: During the roughing process the speed was set to 350 surface feet per minute. The
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Unformatted text preview: offset was .01, depth was .03, and the feed was .0035. In the finishing phase the of the cutting the speed was still the same and the feed was .002. Results: I encountered numerous problems with the cutting process due to the wrong plots of the first arc. The CAD was reading my chess piece as to segments. Therefore it was cutting a chunk from the top of the chess piece. After reexamining my plots and correcting them my piece was perfect. Conclusion: If I had to redo the lab I would pay more attention to the directions and the plots I point. Questions: a) What is the difference between NC and CNC machine? In general, the difference is that an NC machine requires the user to program in coordinates (x,y,z), while a CNC machine allows the used to import a CAD/CAM file or program a visual curve b) Why was the noise increasing with the decrease of diameter as the machining progressed? Whenever the noise increased the machine was working harder....
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