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Laboratory Report on the design and machining of the Chess Piece in PC Turn 55 CNC machine Name: Date performed: Objective: The purpose of this lab is to …. . (Describe in your own words. Mention the machine, software and the actual machining operation) Equipment: PC Turn 55 CNC turning machine and Delron plastic stock of length. ( Name the software and the components of the software used to achieve your objective.) Procedure: Describe how you used the software using all the components. (Keep it brief) Definitions: Cutting Speed, Feed and Depth of cut. What were the actual values
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Unformatted text preview: used (include the units if any)? Results: Describe what problems you encountered during programming if any. How did the final piece turned out? (as you expected or different and why?) Conclusion Lessons learned . (If you need to do it again what will you do differently?) Questions: a) What is the difference between NC and CNC machine? b) Why was the noise increasing with the decrease of diameter as the machining progressed?...
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