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%('Jeremy Debruce') %('11/11/08') % disp('Excuse me miss.'); answer=input('How are you doing?','s'); disp([answer,'?']); name=input('What''s your name?','s') disp(['who me?''yes''oh sorry its', name]); answer=input('How about you sir?','s'); disp([answer,'?']); answer=input('Would you like to join me for lunch?','s');
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Unformatted text preview: disp([answer,'?']); disp('Okay meet me at the corner of 5th Ave. and West Blvd at twelve.'); disp('Alrighty see you there.'); disp('We can finishing getting to know each other over lunch.'); pause(3); disp('Okay Bye Bye')...
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