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Debruce - 01 - Introductory Memo

Debruce - 01 - Introductory Memo - a lot of common errors...

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MEMO To: Dr. Arnett From: Jeremy Debruce Date: January 24, 2011 Re:  Explain Career goals The purpose of this memo is to explain my career plans and what I will be doing. Hello, I am Jeremy Debruce I’m a 23 year old Computer Science major. I’m currently  in my senior year.  Upon graduation I plan on becoming a computer programmer or  work in IT for a good business. The skills that I have learned in college will help me  to be the best I can be. I’ve learn to become a great problem solver and think  critically.  My team skills and leadership have improved throughout college.  With my  knowledge of multiple programming languages, I will have multiple ways of making  programs. Also, all the late nights of debugging programs has help me to understand 
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Unformatted text preview: a lot of common errors and how to fix them quickly. Writing will be a very important asset to me as a computer science major. I will have to be able write out and explain projects that I have to work on. I will have to write about a program I build telling the CEO of a company what it does or how to you use it. I may have to tell a company owner about a website I build for his company. My writing will go to the following audiences’ computer scientist, engineers, company owners, and ect. I will write proposals to other computer scientist. I will tell company owners how their program or website works and how it will benefit them. This concludes my introductory to my career plans. Please feel free to contact me. /jmd...
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