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Technical Description February 21, 2011 Description This is a plastic crab measuring tool for male and female crabs. There are photos to help indentify female and male crabs. The measuring tool is seven inches long. The Caliper Guage is marked with numbers at the top in ruler format. It is a boxed shaped with the bottom cut out to fit the shell shape of a crab. Also on one end, there are indentions that mark the length of crabs from certain states. Usage You would place the curved end of the Caliper Guage across the schell of
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Unformatted text preview: the crab to measure the width of the shell. There are many other tools to do this, but this caliper gauge is heavy duty and is used to measure large crabs. The tool comes in handy because you can’t keep crabs that are smaller than these lengths. So, therefore you would have to throw them back. It can be stored in small areas. The measuring tool is not flexible. Picture Size and Location s Female Indicato r Insert over the shell Male Indicato r...
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