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BIOL550 Lecture M2_01&02-1 - compatible solutes...

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Lecture Mod2_01 & 02 Microbial growth and nutrition Growth of cell vs population Binary fission Clonal reproduction “Sweet Spot” = Niche (Fundamental) Energy Source Nutrients Environmental conditions Nutrients Macronutrients Carbon Nitrogen Others: P, S K Mg, Ca Trace elements (micronutrients) Inorganics e.g. Iron Chelators Siderophores Growth factors Organics Precursors and cofactors e.g. vitamins and amino acids Working with bacteria in laboratory setting Cultivation (culturing) Culture media Nutrient vs minimal media Define vs complex media Categories General media Enrichment media Selective media Differential media Forms Broth Agar Plates Slants Motility Other means of cultivating microbes
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Environment Temperature Cardinal temperatures Properties affected pH Salinity Osmolarity Water activity
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Unformatted text preview: compatible solutes Oxygen Aerobes vs anaerobes (further categorized) Toxic oxygen forms Adapations Culturing anaerobes Pressure Bacterial growth Reproduction Individual vs population Individual reproduction Clonal Binary Fission FtsZ ring Bactoprenol Population dynamics Generations Generation time Batch Cultures Conditions Growth curve Lag Exponential Stationary Death Chemostat culture Steady state Wash out vs. . batch cultures Measuring bacterial Abundance Direct methods Light microscopy Epifluorescent microscopy Flow cytomety Indirect methods Turbidity of a culture Dry weight Viability Plate counts & Colony forming units (CFU) Measuring bacterial growth Frequency of dividing cells Metabolic activity...
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BIOL550 Lecture M2_01&02-1 - compatible solutes...

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