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Mod 2: Evolution and Diversity Taxonomy Phenotype analysis of diversity Morphology Cell wall architecture Basic mode of growth Environmental factors Other parameters… Polymerase Chain Reaction Variation of PCR Reverse transcriptase PCR Quantitative (Real time) PCR Reverse transcriptase Real time PCR Fingerprinting bacterial populations Denaturing Gradient Gel Elecrtrophorsis Terminal Restricted Fragment Length Polymorphism Automated Ribosomal Intergentc Spacer Analysis
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Unformatted text preview: Sequencing nucleic acids & genomes Sanger dideoxy sequencing - Radioactive vs. fluorescent labeled Next generation sequencing 454 Up coming sequencing, nanopore single molecule sequencing Evolutionary Analysis Phylogeny Molecular clock Carl Woese 16S rRNA Ribosomal Database Project NIH GenBank BLAST Phylogenetic tree Rooted vs unrooted Nodes, branches and leaves Evolutionary distance Brief overview of Bacterial Phylogeny...
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