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Miss America Organization Group Project - Christian Kerr...

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Christian Kerr, Allison Morrow, Steven Coyle EH-304; Dr. Cynthia Ryan Collaborative Editing Strategy 29 September 2010 Dear Miss America Webmaster, Sarah Orville: The Miss America Organization wants to revise its image to better cater to its various audiences at the beginning of this new decade, and what better way to rejuvenate the external image of the organization than by updating the website to provide a more navigable and informative public interface. Homepage Edits: (see Appendix A) While our current website has provided visitors with adequate information regarding the history of the organization and activities of the current Miss America, the homepage may overwhelm the casual browser with an excess of links, frustrating visitors looking for specific information about the organization. This disorganization is due mainly to a lack of audience recognition by our corporation, and we wish to communicate with these newly defined audiences through a revised and simplified homepage with your help. Our goal is to represent the MAO through an elegant interface that uses the same color scheme as is currently utilized, but minimizes the interference of advertisements and superfluous links by grouping almost all of the subpages into three distinct categories: 1. Our Current Miss America 2. The Miss America Organization 3. Contestant Information Using only these three categories as tabs with corresponding drop-down menus will allow more space to be devoted to highlighting fundraising efforts and the most pressing, time-sensitive 1
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news and information-- such as additional contests, or giveaways, or special shopping deals available for a short time period. Ad Elimination The first step to creating a more pleasing interface should be to somehow eliminate or at least rearrange the placements of advertisements throughout the homepage. As a non-profit organization we understand that these advertisements are necessary to our continuation, but we also don’t want the advertisements to overshadow our image and dilute our message. Currently our site utilizes ad banners on top and bottom of the website, sidebar advertisements, pop-up ads,
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Miss America Organization Group Project - Christian Kerr...

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