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Editing Homework 1 - I dont think there is a problem with...

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Allison Morrow Holland America Line: I think the visual is pretty clear, once a reader reads the bottom text. From just the picture alone, it is hard to tell exactly what the ad is advertising for until you really read that bottom paragraph. The content is appropriate; the ad has a picture of fruit and cruise ship, and the bottom text is able to explain what the two have in common. I think the organization is good; it shows the picture first where a reader could wonder what it means and then draws the reader’s attention to the paragraph explaining the company.
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Unformatted text preview: I dont think there is a problem with white space because the major details are noticeable. There is not a consistency in the fonts; they are all different types of fonts throughout the ad. The paragraph is hard to read because the sentences are made in fragments. If the editor could change the fragments to sentences, and make the paragraph shorter, the ad could be more affective the audience. Overall I do think it is a good advertisement....
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