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Allison Morrow EH – 304: Dr. Cynthia Ryan Final Project To the Alabama Department State of Education: The program set up for the improvement of children’s reading skills, the Alabama Reading Initiative, is already having positive impacts of the elementary students in Alabama public schools. The Alabama Reading Initiative is a fantastic beginning in the enhancement our children’s reading skills; however, more needs to be done to continue to help this cause. From my own research, I have discovered reading plans that incorporate individual attention and, if possible, parental attention are extremely effective in getting students involved with reading. Reading is a major gateway for success in elementary children. If we want to improve the lives of the citizens of Alabama, we should enhance the education of our children using increased literacy skills. The literature that is presented targets two audiences: the parents and the teachers. The teacher’s literature focuses on statistical information and results, not a set plan to work in their classrooms. The parent’s literature tries to influence them to assist in their child’s learning. However, they will not always have access to that material, and some of the parents will be unable to understand the importance of this issue. I propose a pamphlet for a completely difference audience entirely: the school administrative. The school staff, such as the principals and other workers who have the power to make school wide decisions, are not being targeted in the issue of childhood literacy. They have the ability to influence both teachers and parents to further make an influence on the children’s lives. This early intervention literacy that impacts the child’s life and reading skills comes from parents or other guardians reading to the children at a very early age and from their teachers giving each of them individual attention early on. Once they start off, in a sense, “behind,” they never seem to catch back up. This leads them to drop out of high school and not be able to find
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a career because they do not have functional literacy, as I have seen through my own experience as a former high school student (America’s 1). However, one group of children especially benefits from excellent reading skills. The American Pediatric Association states that children who come from impoverished areas of life benefit the most from early intervention education in literacy (Ramey 1). This issue is so crucial because of the early intervention that is needed from the very beginning to have a huge impact on these children’s entire lives. This means that not only do teachers need to intensify their teaching practices of reading, that parents also need to become much more involved in their child’s literacy, which, unfortunately, does not always
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Final Editing Project - Allison Morrow EH 304 Dr Cynthia...

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