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Unformatted text preview: Social Identity Development Theory Development Henri Tajfel John Turner 1979 Basic questions Basic How can we understand the psychological How basis of intergroup discrimination? basis What are the basic attributes that What distinguish inter-individual from inter-group relations? relations? What is group identification? The three elements of group identification identification Cognitive: knowledge that one belongs to Cognitive: a group group Evaluative: positive or negative value Evaluative: connotation of membership in a group. connotation Emotional: reaction towards knowledge Emotional: that one belongs to a group. Depends on the first two elements. the Group identity Group Determined by in-group perceptions and Determined out-group perceptions. out-group Oftentimes, there is a determinacy of the Oftentimes, out-group, especially if the out-group holds a more powerful position (dominant). more Group identity can be created through Group external forces and seems to solidify if the group is faced with a conflict. group The interpersonal-intergroup continuum continuum Purely interpersonal Purely intergroup A continuum is more likely, in which continuum persons as agents are determined by social situations. social Membership Membership Social identity is multiple. Categorization of self and other (also Categorization called labeling). called Differentiation or comparison of groups to Differentiation determine evaluative element. determine Desire for positive distinctiveness. Positive Desire emotional outcome is desired. emotional ...
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