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webterms - Mark your hometown Written work in EDU 2022...

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Unformatted text preview: Mark your hometown. Written work in EDU 2022 Written Formal writing vs. email or texting No abbreviations…Illlinois not IL if in a No paragraph, education not ed. paragraph, Correct all grammar punctuation and Correct spellling Capitals…elementary school vs. Carl Capitals…elementary Sandburg Elementary School Sandburg Read directions carefully…Unordered list 1 error free, every 2 errors is one point off! Find your house http://www.bing.com/maps/ http://www.bing.com/maps/ 2908 Oakwood Drive, Charleston IL http://maps.google.com 1441 SE Mango, Stuart FL Brief History of the Web Brief First connected computers were military Secure, high speed communication Education adopted to share research data Internet backbone created, cable network Software was kludgy, gopher, layers WWW developed by Tim Burns Lee CERN Hyperlinks/HTML connect in one click Beginning of browsers Beginning Hyperlinks connected computers world wide ~World Wide Web 1993 Mosaic unveiled in Champaign, IL Mark Andreesen, U of I student, NCSA U of I “owned” the browser Mosaic Left U of I, went commercial, Netscape Users: latest estimate ~ 1.5 billion How do you use the web? How How will you use the web as a teacher? Uses of the web now Uses Uses of the web as a teacher Uses Why is the web good for schools? Why Interest, motivation Communicaiton: email, publishing, Communicaiton: communication/collaboration with peers communication/collaboration Research capabilities, up to the minute Research information (downside accuracy?) information Self directed, personalized learning Multimedia: images, video, audio, web cams File transfer Prepare for real world What is bad about web? What Inaccuracy Inappropriate sites Navigating w/o wasting time Information overload Privacy/security Web Terms Web Internet~Web~WWW~World Wide Web~ Internet~Web~WWW~World Cyberspace ~Virtual community HTML (hypertext markup language) hyperlink HTML Browser software that provides web access Netscape Internet Explorer Safari Mozilla Firefox Helper Apps (Applications) Acrobat, Shockwave, QuickTime, Realtime, Audacity ISP (Internet Service Provider) ISP Connections: modem (dial up), ethernet (LAN), Connections: DSL(digital subscriber line), cable, satellite DSL(digital Bandwidth 56Kbs (1), DSL (4x),Cable (25x), Bandwidth satelllite satelllite Web Terms Web Web page Homepage Website HTTP hypertext transfer protocol rules of communication on the web URL Bookmark Favorites Uniform Resource Locator Domain: group of connected computers with common address address Protocol://domain/folder/document(page) http:// www.eiu.edu/booth/index.htm http:// www.eiu.edu/booth/index.htm Web Tags Web hypertext .htm .html hypertext iimages mages .gif .jpg .jpg audio .wav .mid .wav .mid video .mpg .avi video .avi compressed .zip .hqx compressed .hqx Multimedia–graphics, animation, audio Web Tags Web Domain names .gov .edu .org .org .net .k12 .k12 (proposed .kids .rel?) Country abbreviations .us .com .mil .uk .fr News groups .news .biz .alt .jp Web Terms Web email electronic mail outlook/gmail/yahoo AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) Netiquette: web manners Search engine Google, Altavista, Yahoo, HotBot, Ask Jeeves, Google, Yahooligans Yahooligans Meta search engine (searches up to 15 search Meta engines at once) engines Dogpile, Metacrawler, Highway 61 Web Terms Web FTP file transfer protocol (language) POP post office protocol PPP point to point protocol (dial up) SMTP simple mail transfer protocol Browse surf research mine FAQ Image map cookies cache FAQ Image Netiquette (web manners 101) Netiquette email brief, spelling & grammar check, for business email Sarcasm, humor may not translate in email No offensive language, flaming (insulting) No SHOUTING (all caps), spam, forwards, bold, red SHOUTING emoticons (smileys), abbreviations, BTW, LOL Never read or use someone else’s email Never give out personal info. Protect passwords Don’t bypass security, visit inappropriate sites Get permission for using another’s text/graphics Bandwidth courtesy Web 2.0 Web Twitter—what are you doing? Brief answer 180 Flickr—site that hosts pictures, movies, (filter) Blogs—short for web log, regular entries Blogs—short usually by an individual usually Wikis—create/edit web content, Wikipedia ?? Web CT discussion board—post for group Digg—discover & share content, vote up/down google docs—online word processor, edit, google share (privacy?) share Del.icio.us—collected social bookmarks Web Searching Web Two kinds: Directories vs. indexes Two Natural language searching, question Boolean searching (more than one search Boolean term) term) “and” vs. “or”, quotes to order words and” Truncating the word Invent* (invent, invention, inventor, inventing, Invent* etc.) etc.) Website Evaluation Criteria Website Authority–written by qualified experts, –written updated, bias of author Purpose–created to educate, sell, entertain Content–important, accurate, complete, –important, useful in education, links to other information, age level information, Design–easy to use, attractive, organized, –easy images enhance site images Audience–student, teacher, parent, other Contact–individual, company, email, phone Website evaluation Website Search for a topic using one of the search Search engines. Try the search in another search engine. Explore at least 3 sites before choosing the best Explore one for children. Don’t choose a bad site. Keep looking. Use the grid to evaluate the site. Write specific comments in each box (NO yes or Write no answers), rate 1-3, total in the last column. Repeat the process for 10 sites. Resume Resume Style guidelines: http://www.eiu.edu/~careers/resumes.php Margins 1” (or 1.25”) Single space, double space between sections Fonts 10-12 point, name 18-24 point, no “fancy” fonts, Only one or two fonts, use bold and italics for emphasis, Use tabs to align, not eyeball method. Arrange info to fill one page. Enlarge or decrease fonts Spelling absolutely perfect! References “address style”/three to four lines Small icons to highlight sections adds interest Phrases, no sentences Activities Activities Resume (draft) Web evaluations Due tonight or by next week with permission Due of instructor. of Chapter 1 review due. ...
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