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Unformatted text preview: EDU2022 Section 005 F09 EDU2022 Section 005 F09 Wednesday 5:00­7:30pm Buzz 1430 Instructor: Mrs. Pam Storm Education: BS and MS in Ed from EIU Employment: Adjunct instructor EIU, 16th semester First through third grade Media Specialist, Carl Sandburg School, Charleston Experience: Media Specialist (librarian) 28 years Technology: Work with elementary children and teachers daily Provide tech support and technology training Written many technology grants Course Materials Course Materials Syllabus and Calendar Texts—Shelley/Cashman and Fewell/Gibbs USB drive—bring to EVERY class EIU Email Web CT account working LiveText–Optional Handouts/completed assignments Notebook–guidelines on syllabus Instructor’s, textbook and other websites Tech proficiency by 10th day of semester How to get an A How to get an A Attend the entire class. Complete assignments. Avoid losing points for unexcused absences. Avoid losing points for late assignments. Read directions carefully. Check grammar and spelling carefully. Take notes on lectures. Participate in discussions, ask questions, help others, be a teacher. Chart your progress on back of calendar. Class Procedures Class Procedures Bring calendar to note changes. Bring USB drive to save files. (Alternatives: email to yourself or use web space to save.) Bring Panther card or 7¢ per page to print. Attend to lectures, demonstrations, instructions. (NO email, web surfing, cell phones, chatting!) Turn in all assignments to black folder when due. Use constructivist model–we all are teachers, we all are learners, helping others is expected. Take a short break if needed during “work” time. Lab Rules Lab Rules No keyboarding, checking email, working on assignments, talking to others while the instructor or a classmate is speaking. No food, drink, gum, candy in lab. Print only necessary pages at your own expense. Clean your area when you leave. Take USB drive–label with your name and phone. If left, check ITC. Take all papers. Return name tag. Push in chair. ??? ??? What are educational/instructional technologies? Educational Technologies Educational Technologies Computer Scanner Digital camera Digital camcorder VCR/DVD player Cassette recorder Calculator PDA Smartboard Software Internet DVDs/Tapes Audio files Email, web, ftp Movies CDs, downloads CDs/tapes Distance learning Cell phones Why use technology? Why use technology? Real world, needed for employment Motivating, high interest, holds attention Unique capabilities to link, collaborate Supports instructional processes– cooperative learning, problem solving, interactive, higher level thinking skills Increases teacher productivity–connect to information, create and modify materials Email Email Email vs. snail mail Advantages–speed, immediacy, cost, editable, print or delete, multiple recipients, read/reply when time Disadvantages–no expression/inflection, spam/forwards, can be checked by service provider, addictive/wastes time, legal document Educational uses: Communication teacher to teacher, student, administrator, parent Transfer files via attachments Keypals (penpals) Email Process Email Process Compose a message in a mail program Send via service provider (ISP) through cables or wirelessly (SMTP–Simple mail transfer protocol) Router in your “domain” (IP #) keeps or sendsto the internet (like sorting mail by zip code) On the internet, message is split into packets which may arrive via different routes (like letter pages sent in different envelopes) Packets are picked up and reassembled when receiving router recognizes its domain Kept in mailbox on server until you pick up Reply and process repeats itself Email Email Understanding addresses Userid (user name) @ domain name (server/computer/stands for an IP address) [email protected], [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Word Processing Word Processing Electronic typewriter WYSIWYG Create and save for later use or editing Spell and grammar check capability Format, cut, paste, duplicate text Educational benefits to students No negatives except slow for younger students Positives: more writing, better writing, better attitude toward writing, fewer errors ??? ??? How many different educational uses can you think of for word processing? Educational Uses of WP Educational Uses of WP Reports Newsletters Signs Labels Handouts Resume Calendar Forms Lesson plans Nametags Bulletin board Business cards Lists Tests, quizzes Parent letters Banners Certificates Flash cards Brochures Checklists Rubrics Transparencies Poems Posters Word processing assignment Word processing assignment Name/course My name is P am Storm . I grew up in Strasburg, Dieterich and Effingham, Illinois. I attended EIU from ?? to ?? Effingham My teaching career has been spent in school libraries in Polo (912), Homer (K-12) and Charleston (K-4 & 1-3). In the last 15 years or so, there has been an infusion of technology in the library/media center which has greatly changed my job description and teacher and student access to information. My husband is chair of the Physics department at EIU. I have two daughters, Sarah and Lara. Sarah lives in Port St. Lucie, FL and works as a personal vacation planner for Carnival Cruise Line. Lara lives in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and is an assistant professor of geology at Dickinson College this year. Assignments Assignments EIU email account Web CT account Tech proficiency USB drive to save files Word processing assignment (tonight) Email instructor (tonight) Survey (tonight) First chapter report is due next week Notebook for class materials ...
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