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SPE 2000 Final exam STUDY GUIDE Lecture Know : The relationship between school and society. The relationship between general and special education The task and responsibilities of the special education/special  educator Roles of those involved in special education and the special  education process (general educator, special educator, parents, paraprofessional,  related service personnel). Impact of media The relationship between culture and the identification of individual  with disabilities(cultural reciprocity, disproportionate representation)
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Unformatted text preview: • Bias and discrimination (the results of these) • Teacher attitudes and their effects • Know Deno’s Model – Continuum of Services – least restrictive to most restrictive. Book Know: • Children with Exceptionalities (characteristics) • Tiers of RTI • Laws: PL94-142, PL107-110 • Information on the following: Inclusion, Least restrictive Environment • Inter-individual differences • What is assistive technology • Transition • Prevalence • Transition/transitioning...
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Final%20study%20guide%2009 - • Bias and...

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