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SPE 2000 – Module IV (Ear/Eye) Study Guide Lecture: Know the functions of part of the ear and perilymph movement Know terms such as decibels, postlingual vs. prelingual hearing loss, bi-aural hearing, and “spongy bones” Know visual and auditory screening measures Know the difference between concave and convex lens and their functions Know common visual impairments (e.g., astigmatism) and refractive errors Know functions of parts of the eye Know the difference between near and far sighted Know the differences between ear and eye professionals Know the small bones responsible for transmitting sound.
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Unformatted text preview: Know examples of refractive errors. Know the most come types of visual errors teacher deal with. Readings: Know characteristics of children with visual and hearing impairments Know what teachers can do to assist children with visual and hearing impairments, including curriculum needs Know causes of ear/eye impairments Know information about transition planning for those with hearing impairments know/understand CAPD meaning. Know/understand Educational response to students with visual impairments...
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