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Module V Study Guide I. The Brain a. How we studied historically and since WW II b. Examples of new technologies to study c. Theories of Localization and Lateralization d. Parts--Motor Strip, Corpus Callosum e. Brain Theorists (Localization, Lateralization, Growth Spurt) II. Specific Types of Disabilities as related to: (Input, Output, Processing—examples) III. Understanding of what behavior is and how we should measure (data recording) IV. Causes of disabilities and why school professionals should know them V. Definitions of MR and LD VI. Child abuse=mandated reporter’s role – Teachers/educational professionals are mandated to report suspected child abuse. Textbook Hints and Reading from Brain Article I. LD Definition, prevalence, common types, causes, relation to social skills, common indicators—red flags, learning strategies, Response to Instruction (RTI) II. (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) MR and the role of levels of support, early childhood services and MR, MR and
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