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Unformatted text preview: Federal Legislation Governing the Education of Students with Exceptional Learning Needs PL 99-457 (1986) The Education of the Handicapped Act Amendment of 1986 PL 94-142 (1975) The Education for All Handicapped Children Act PL 101-476 (1990) The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act PL 105-17 (1997) Reauthorization of IDEA PL 108-446 Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act No Child Left Behind Act (2001) – No PL 107-110 PL signed into effect 2002 Calls for increased accountability of schools in regard to student performance (AYP – annual yearly progress) Requires teachers who teach core academic subjects to be highly qualified Advocates the use of evidenced­based practices that have been validated by research Expands parental options ( reporting of student progress, school choice) Encourages teacher development IDEA 2004 Integrates with NCLB with an emphasis on outcomes, teacher quality, and research­based strategies (over 40 references to NCLB within the law). Calls for changes in the IEP Removal of short term benchmark requirement except for students who are meeting alternative standards Piloting multi­year IEPS Excusal option Transition goals required by age 16 Removes the “discrepancy requirement” in identifying students with learning disabilities – focuses on response to intervention (RTI) Discipline Due process ...
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