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9/16/2010 1 SPE 3100 Second Week Stringfellow Agenda Finish up from last week: review examples, quizzes Temple Grandin video: important themes 13 disability categories total / 6 considered MSD History/Philosophy in regards to MSD Normalization Self-Determination Significant legislation Deno Model 3 waves of support: medical, parental, self- advocacy (relate to medical, social, biopsychosocial in text) Will view ‘Autism: The Musical’ next week (move ‘Educating Peter’ back one week as well)
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9/16/2010 2 With group… Name all 13 disability categories and provide a brief description of each Name 6 covered in 3100 and provide a brief
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Unformatted text preview: description of each History / Philosophy Early and empathic intervention is necessary Normalization Patterns of life that reflect typical patterns Encouraging appropriate behavior specific to the environment or situation Normalizing the environment and not people Social Role Valorization Self-Determination 9/16/2010 3 Important Legislation IDEIA (2004) and all previous authorizations Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act ESEA, NCLB (2001) and current discussion of reauthorization ADA (1991) 3 Waves of Support Deno Model (1972) Medical model Parental model Self-Advocacy...
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RelativeResourceManager - description of each History /...

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