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1. One of your first grade students had not completed a single assignment in the first three weeks of school. When you mentioned this, the little girl just smiles and does nothing. You would: 2. You find one of your second graders has taken another student’s paper, erased his name and placed his own name on it. You would: 3. Two students continually fight in the classroom. Nothing makes them stop. However, when separated they laugh and say they were just playing. You would: 4. A first grade child refuses to get out of the car when his mother brings him to school. The mother states that when this has happened in the past, she would take him to the day care center where she works. You would: 5. After recess one of your third graders shows you a piece of paper with four letter words on it that he found on the playground. He wants to know what they mean. You would: 6. You teach an eighth grade math class.
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Unformatted text preview: While taking a test you see Mary copying David’s paper. You would: 7. Two girls are talking in the back of the room and not paying attention. You are trying to conduct a reading lesson. You would: 8. In your seventh grade class, Mary says Jane has her red and blue pen. You have seen Mary with the pen before. Jane says she brought the pen from home. Mary insists Jane took her pen and wants you to have Jane give it to her. You would: 9. Brad, an eleventh grader, has been disrupting class by talking and cutting up. You have had to ask Brad to leave the class when you felt you could no longer control his behavior. On occasion he is belligerent and combative. You would: 10. During a lunch period outside, you see a student pick up a 10-inch iron bar, put it under his jacket, and enter the school building. You would:...
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