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I. Cover Page A. Set up APA … include header, running head, title of paper, author’s name, and university I. Abstract A. Purpose of the paper … summary A. Definition of behavior … summary B. Initial expectations and justification … C. A. Results and implications … summary B. Key words I. Introduction A. Purpose of the paper … detailed B. Definition of behavior … detailed A. Research design being used … detailed
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Unformatted text preview: I. Review of Literature A. Research for behavior 1. What does the research say about “target topic”? 1. Strategies for dealing with “target topic” 3. Interventions, etc. I. Body of paper A. Method … research Design B. Study setting C. Participants D. Data recording procedure E. Dependent & Independent variables A. Results & graph I. Conclusion A. Summary A. Limitations VII. References...
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