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Unformatted text preview: Secrets of the General Education Teacher: What Every Special Educator Needs to Know!! Needs Why is this important? Why Inclusion, RtI, litigation National and state mandates NCLB & AYP “Seek first to understand Seek and then to be understood.” understood.” Steven Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) Top 10 Gen. Ed. Teacher Secrets Secrets Not all general educators teachers feel this way and those that do, don’t always don’t feel this way!! feel Secret #1: I am afraid Secret I will be liable/sued There might be an emergency that I There can’t handle can’t Parents might be upset with me. I might fail. I might succeed. I will be evaluated based on his/her will success or failure. success Of the unknown. Secret #2: I don’t have what it takes. it Classroom teachers perceive their Classroom skills as inadequate. They have little knowledge of special education law, disabilities, the IEP process, etc…. disabilities, They worry they won’t have the They patience or the knowledge to be effective with students with special needs. needs. Secret #3: I won’t have the resources resources The general educator may think that The special educators have more money, resources, and time to their disposal than they have. than They are concerned that they will not They have adequate resources to work with special ed. students, let along typical students. students. Secret #4: I want…. No I NEED to do a good job!! good Efficacy – ability to produce the Efficacy desired results. desired “I do believe all kids can learn,… but I do do not believe that all kids can learn more in my classroom vs. a Sp. Ed. room/school.” room/school.” Secret #5: I resent this/you/ Secret them You are trying to change me. You are saying that what I have been You doing all along is wrong. doing Secret #6: Inclusion? Are you kidding? you Inclusion increases the complexities Inclusion of an already difficult job. of “If I had wanted to teach sp. Ed, I If would have gone into it.” would “I was not trained to do this and don’t was know how!” know Secret #7: It isn’t fair Secret Fairness is a crucial component of a Fairness teacher’s attitudes toward a student with disabilities. with Two perspectives: In order to be fair we have to treat In people equally. people In order to be fair we have to treat In people differently. people Secret #8: It won’t work Secret Show me the research. (And you Show better be able to!!!) better Secret #9: The cost is too great. great. Costs of inclusion: Space, class Costs list/load, time, parents, resources, $$, support, differentiation. support, Budget cuts are on and Sp. Ed. does Budget not take their share. not Secret #10: I want you to “Get out of my kitchen!” out Teachers are territorial creatures!! creatures!! Negative coping strategies of people with secrets: people Silence/keeping it to self Depression Depression Sabotage Hoping it goes away Sickness/stress Retirement/leaving complaining to others Indifference/ignoring Passive-aggressive actions. Strategic Response: Strategic Fit the response to the situation. Provide Fit specific real-time training. specific Set aside time for meetings and problem Set solving. solving. Be pro-active in team meetings. Consider all Be the “What ifs.” Encourage all concerns to be put on the table for discussion. Talk about everything. everything. Develop a team that demonstrates, “They are Develop ALL our kids. We are in this together.” ALL Strategic Response: Strategic When you are planning for inclusion of a When child with an IEP, consider all of the students and their needs and plan for them as well. and Universal Design. Give the teacher an explanation for Give “Fairness” that they can live with and adopt. “Fairness” Operate with the expectation that data about Operate the success and progress is used to determine future strategies and placements. determine Strategic Response: Strategic Put sufficient time into planning and Put monitoring during the first opportunity to advance inclusion efforts in order to pave the way for the next opportunity. the Define what approach to co-teaching is going to be used and make the goals of that strategy clear to all. Put co-teaching into place either after training or with a coaching component. component. Follow the plan with integrity. Strategic Response: Strategic Acknowledge limitations and unknowns. Listen to all concerns, help prioritize and Listen tackle them one at a time. tackle Rehearse before parent meetings. Make Rehearse sure the teacher knows the district’s backup and legal support and assurance. and Recognize, acknowledge, than people. Advocate for the right reasons!!!! reasons!!!! Advocate for the student… not for the Advocate movement, the trend or even the mandate… have the integrity of conviction to be able to say why it is best for the student!!! to ...
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