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armstrong13_tif - Chapter 13 Integrated Marketing...

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Chapter 13 Integrated Marketing Communication: Personal Selling and Direct Marketing Multiple-Choice 1. A(n) _____ is an individual acting for a company by performing one or more of the following activities: prospecting, communicating, servicing, and information-gathering. a. salesperson b. account representative c. sales consultant d. all of the above Answer: (d) Difficulty: (2) Page: 439 2. A salesperson might be an _____. 3. _____ is the interpersonal arm of the promotion mix. 4. _____ position demands the creative selling of products and services, ranging from household goods to information technology services. 5. _____ is defined as the analysis, planning, implementation, and control of sales force activities. a. Marketing management b. Sales force management c. Prospecting d. Direct marketing Answer: (b) Difficulty: (2) Page: 443 42
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6. Under the _____, each salesperson is assigned to an exclusive geographic area and sells the company’s full line of products or services to all customers in that territory. 7. Companies using a _____ specialize in selling only a portion of the company’s products or lines. 8. In Allegiance Healthcare Corporation, a large health care products and services company, salespeople call on the same hospital on the same day. Allegiance has several product divisions, each with a separate sales force. Allegiance is organizing the sales force around its _____. 9. Organizing the sales force around customers can help a company to become more customer focused and build closer relationships with important customers. Companies using a _____ organize the sales force along customer or industry lines. a. territorial sales force structure b. complex sales force structure c. product sales force structure d. customer sales force structure Answer: (d) Difficulty: (1) Page: 444
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armstrong13_tif - Chapter 13 Integrated Marketing...

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