INTRO - INTRODUCTION Welcome to the Test Item File for Gary...

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INTRODUCTION Welcome to the Test Item File for Gary Armstrong and Philip Kotler’s Marketing: An Introduction 7 th edition text. This test bank was designed with both the student and instructor in mind. All the objective and essay questions contained in this manual are drawn directly from the textbook itself. Careful attention has been paid to the selection of each and every question. Also, a sincere effort has been made to ensure that the questions in each chapter are a reflection of the major concepts covered in different chapters. Each chapter in the Test Item File contains four sections: Multiple Choice, True/False, Essay, and Application Questions. Each chapter contains 126 questions: 85 multiple- choice questions, 30 true-false questions, 10 essay questions, and one (1) application question. Each question is formatted with the question number, the question itself, potential answers, the correct answer, a difficulty scale, and the page(s) where the question and answer may be found in the master text (the page number suggests where the material for the question begins, not necessarily where it ends—the question may continue to other pages, figures, or tables). Multiple-choice questions have four answer choices (a-d) throughout the test item file. If questions are drawn from special features (such as Marketing at Work), tables, or figures in the chapter, a special designation has been made to alert the instructor. Essay questions for this edition have been prepared with the major chapter concepts in
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INTRO - INTRODUCTION Welcome to the Test Item File for Gary...

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