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CheckPoint: Testing a Theory When looking back over the daily things that we encounter in everyday life I can see that there is a few times that I have used informal research methods to conduct research. Using basic questionnaires or surveys to find out information or doing things that are almost like mini trials to find out information. When conducting these studies I had to think of how psychologist use research and how my studies were similar to the way they do things. I question many different peoples of all walks of life to gather a vast amount of opinions and then went over the research with an unbiased opinion. If given another opportunity I would change how about I went
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Unformatted text preview: gathering the information and maybe have more of a controlled environment. When conducting any type of research there are going to issues that arise that are ethnical or otherwise, if your research is conducted on animals or if you are using nontraditional methods to gain research. Informed constant is very important to ethics because you have to keep a constant stably to make sure that things are not done to take anything away from the research or to taint the experiment. Research no matter what form it comes in is important to the study of human behavior and opinions....
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