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CheckPoint: Normal versus Abnormal Behavior Everyone has their own perception of what is normal and what is abnormal and live their lives accordingly. Normal behavior is the way that the majority of people would behave in any given situation, this means normal is based upon what the majority would do or does do. Not everyone has the same reactions to the same situation, but there are certain things that are not considered to be a reasonable response or reaction. Who is to say what is normal and what is abnormal. Abnormal behavior can be one of two things; it can be something that sets someone apart from others due to their ability to succeed at a higher level than most like in IQ, sports, and talents. The other relates more too when someone is doing something that is irregular behavior that cause anxiety, harm, or guilt brought on by that persons behavior or actions. So as you can see the term abnormal can be used in a positive or negative way depending on the context that it is used in, if you are praising someone on how they are unique and separated from the common
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