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Implicit Association Test - realizing it. Simply putting...

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The result of my IAT test was that I have a moderate to strong preference for white people compared to black people. Even though I lean towards the company of white people, just like I think anyone leans towards the company of their own race, I do not think that the IAT test produced valid results because the only reason I got any wrong ( which was three) it was because of the way they assigned the keys to the categories. I simple got confused on trying to remember which key went to which categories. It seems to be hard to measure prejudice because everyone is a little prejudice in some way, shape, or form and people do it sometimes without even
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Unformatted text preview: realizing it. Simply putting faces with words does not prove someone is prejudice it just proves how quickly their decision making along with their motor skills can react to one another. Sociologist also uses grads and charts to determine different pay scales and levels of education to determine prejudice among people today. Studying human behavior is a good way to tell about peoples true prejudice, like a white woman feeling more uncomfortable on a elevator with a whit guy opposed to a black guy. Also a woman grabbing her husband’s arm or locking the car door when a black man walks by is expressing prejudice without even knowing it....
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