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week 1 checkpoint local environment issue

week 1 checkpoint local environment issue - growing...

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Checkpoint: Local Environmental Issue One of the major problems that we seem to have in my community is the constant need to knock down any tree that is standing and build something in its place. Even though they try to plant some little trees in the newly developed structure, they do not take the place or have the same effect that the complete forest they destroyed did. There seems to also be a problem with pollution because of the high population. Living in a city that is constantly growing and the population is always on the rise there is constant need for more and more housing. Houses, apartment complexes, and other living structures are constantly going up to help provide for the
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Unformatted text preview: growing population. In order to meet the need of all these people there are new schools, hospitals, and shopping structure going up all the time. With all these things combined is the cause for the destruction of all our natural resources like trees and rural land. It is only natural that this would cause more pollution and more waste amongst the city. It is not that human values or environmental ethics come into play when all these things are happing; it is more about supply and demand and the need to make room and provide services for the new population. Things will only seem to get worse and worse until there is no where left to build and no trees left to knock down....
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