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week 4 Population Size - to reproduce. That is a record...

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Population Size The four main things that help to produce changes in population size are the rate at which  individual organisms produce offspring (the birth rate), and the rate at which individual organisms die (the death rate)  and  dispersal —movement from one region or country to another—affects local populations. There are two types of  dispersal:  immigration ( i ) , in which individuals enter a population and increase its size, and  emigration ( e ) , in which  individuals leave a population and decrease its size. These things have a great affect on the growth of a population  rather it is for humans, animals, or organisms. In the video the population size is defiantly caused by the birth rate,  these mammals can have an offspring of forty-five babies in a year and by six months of age their offspring are ready 
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Unformatted text preview: to reproduce. That is a record breaking amount of new animals that can be produced in a year’s time. After the land is depleted of its food resource one of two things will happen; one, the nutria will slow down in its reproducing due to lack of food, or two, they will begin to expand and migrate in search for food. With a creature like the nutria that can reproduce so quickly, has a vast amount of land for feeding, and no real natural enemies to help the population control it is only a matter of time before Louisiana has a serious epidemic on their hands or the nutria ventures out in search of new territory and land to call home and eventually destroy....
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