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What major obstacles (such as personal, professional, academic) will you need to overcome in order to be successful in school? What are some ways you might work around these challenges? I believe that everyone has obstacles in their life that they will need to overcome in order to be successful in school no matter what their level of personal, professional, or academic achievement. Time management and getting back into the structure of school is definitely going to be my main obstacles to overcome. Trying to balance a career, personal life, and continuing and education are not
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Unformatted text preview: going to be easy, but with the right structure and planning it can be overcome quite easily. Setting up a system to make sure that the hours in the day are being dedicated to the appropriate field is going to be step one. Staying organized is going to play a big part in being successful at this for me. Making sure all my files are backed up, that assignments are turned in on time and in the correct forms, and a checklist of things completed is how I plan on overcoming these obstacles in order to be successful at going back to school....
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