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RE: ADM2303 Quiz. The quiz will consist of 3 questions with multiple parts per question. The last question has a bonus sub-question. The topics examined on the quiz are those listed in the first 4 weeks of the course outline. You will have 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete the quiz. Although, the quiz will be held during class time, the quiz will be held in a different room, albeit same building/floor (DMS 1160). We will reconvene for a lecture after the quiz (our regular room) --- note lecture will be important for completing assignment 2. A sheet of formulas similar to that shown on doc-depot will be supplied with the quiz (you don’t need to bring this, we provide it). The rules for the quiz are similar to those for final exam (see course- outline for more detail). You will want to have a hand-held calculator,
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Unformatted text preview: but this calculator can not have communication capabilities. Further, those with programmable calculators are required to check with the invigilator before the exam, demonstrating that the memory on the programmable calculator has been erased. Absolutely no communication devices will be allowed on your person or anywhere near your desk (cell-phones and other such devices should be placed with your belongings in the front of the room). Note that correct student identification will be required to be allowed to take the quiz. The style of questions on the quiz is similar to those that you would have seen in part II questions and in old practice exams. Note that numeric answers presented without units (when called for) will result in deductions from your mark. GOOD LUCK!...
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