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Discussion Question 2B P212, Week 2 Electric Field Due to Point Charges Four point charges 2q, q, q, and q are placed at the corners of a rectangle of dimensions a and 3a as shown in the figure. A fifth charge Q is placed at the center of the rectangle. Our task is to compute the electric field at the center of the rectangle, and then determine the force on Q . (a) Each of the 4 charges at the corners contributes to the electric field E at the center of the rectangle. You’ll have to add these contributions by components. First, start by finding the magnitudes of all the electric field contributions you will need to add together. | E q | = kq/r 2 r = 5 2 a | E 2q | = 2kq/r 2 (b) Without using your calculator , calculate sin( θ) , cos( θ) , and tan( θ) where θ is the angle defined in the diagram. (Express your answer algebraically.) sin θ = 1/
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