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Discussion Question 3B P212, Week 3 Application of Gauss’ Law Follow the steps outlined on the previous page, find the electric field E at the indicated field point x due to the three charged objects shown below. In all cases, the variable r denotes the distance from the center of the object to the field point. Basic Object #1 : A solid sphere of radius R carrying a volume charge density ρ find E at the indicated field point.
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Unformatted text preview: E = 2 3 3 r R ε ρ radially outward. Basic Object #2 : An infinitely long line carrying a line charge density λ ⇒ find E at the indicated field point. E = r o πε λ 2 radially outward Basic Object #3 : A plane of infinite area carrying a surface charge density σ ⇒ find E at the indicated field point. E = σ /2 ε o in positive x-direction. ρ r x R λ r x σ x r...
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