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Gov 357: The Supreme Court and Public Policy Brown (1) I. Suggested additional readings a. H.W.Brands-American Dreams II. Why start in 1954? a. Brown v. the board of education. This is often discussed as the beginning of the modern term of the Supreme Court. b. A feeling about Brown that liberated us from history. They were given the ability to do something right in 1954 and avoid the negative actions of the past. 14 th amendment & Plessey v. Ferguson (separate but equal) c. Only the Supreme Court could order the south to desegregate. The president could not force desegregation, Congress could pass legislation, but the democratic strong house would not let that happen. The south wouldn’t even pass anti-lynching laws, let alone desegregation. This created a new image of the supreme court –as engines for good, when different avenues of address are blocked. Gave the court a cache that it never had before. III. Segregation: What B v B attempts to declare unconstituional a. The south wanted to treat the slaves as slaves, but they lost and the 13 th amendment freed the slaves. The south adopted the black codes, which were statues that diminished slaves to serfdom & tie them to the land that they worked before as slaves. Radical reconstruction took place and ended the black codes, but the solution to that was segregation. b.
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Brown (1) - Gov 357: The Supreme Court and Public Policy...

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