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322D-SciRev-17th-2011-syl - The Scientific Revolution of...

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The Scientific Revolution of the 17th Century HIS 322D — 39530 Prof. Bruce J. Hunt Spring 2011 GAR 2.106 232–6109 WEL 2.246, MWF 11–12 MW 1:30–2:30, F 10–11 [email protected] The Scientific Revolution of the 17th century produced a series of fundamental shifts in the ways people have understood the natural world and their own place in it. In this course we will examine the roots and course of this revolution and trace the outlines of the new world it helped to create. Books : Peter Dear, Revolutionizing the Sciences (2nd edition, 2009), John Henry, Knowledge is Power, Galileo Galilei, The Essential Galileo (ed. Maurice Finocchiaro), James Gleick, Isaac Newton, Michael Matthews (ed.), The Scientific Background to Modern Philosophy. Course grades will be +/– and will be based on three essay exams (25% each) and a short paper on a topic to be assigned (25%). There will be no separate final exam. In place of the second exam, you may elect to write a 5–7 page research paper, due on April 1. If you choose to write such a paper, you must meet with me and get an appropriate topic approved by March 4.
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