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SPR11 2TH - CJ 302 Second Examination Test Highlights Below...

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CJ 302 -- Second Examination Test Highlights Below are the principle points/concepts that you should review for this examination. You should also review your lecture notes, notes from class exercises, handouts, and assigned readings from the text. Be able to: 1) Define RICO and inchoate crimes; identify the inchoate crimes of solicitation, conspiracy, and attempt and be able to identify and describe the elements of each. State Wharton’s Rule and explain how it applies to conspiracy crimes in Michigan 2) Explain when, if ever, claims of factual and legal impossibility, and renunciation or abandonment operate as a defense to inchoate crimes 3) Compare and contrast “excuse defenses” with “justification defenses” and be able to identify which defenses are ones of justification and which defenses are ones of excuse 4) Distinguish between affirmative defenses and the other defenses to criminal liability and know how most affirmative defenses differ from other defenses as to the burden of proof 5)
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