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Spr11 CSC Fact Scenarios

Spr11 CSC Fact Scenarios - CSC Fact Scenarios 1 The victim...

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CSC Fact Scenarios 1) The victim, a young girl of six, told the police investigator that Michael, an adult male, had touched her and pointed between her legs. She then stated, when asked how he had touched her, that he had touched her with his mouth. On further questioning she indicated that he had not touched her nightgown or her underwear, but had touched her skin with his mouth. She indicated that he had “licked her private areas”. In addition she stated that Michael had placed her hand on his penis over the clothing that he was wearing. How many, if any, violations of Michigan’s CSC law have been committed? Be specific as to the level (degree of the charge) and the reasoning behind answer (connect facts to elements). 2) There is evidence that a child had been molested in the past by a different offender than the one currently being tried. The current defendant is asking for the court’s permission to inquire about this prior incident as an alternate explanation as to why a young child would have the knowledge being testified about (rather than that she had experienced the currently charged assault). What should the court rule if guided by common law rules? Under Michigan’s statute? What if the defendant’s attorney does not
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