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BMZ_Chapter 12 Study Guide

BMZ_Chapter 12 Study Guide - Eudicots(beans...

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Eudicots (beans) 2 seed leaves (cotyledons) Multiple of 4 or 5 flower parts Branched root Pollen has 3 pores or slits Monocots (grasses) 1 seed leaf (cotyledons) Multiple of 3 flower parts Fibrous root One pore or slit Chapter 12 Study Guide: Central Dogma: DNA is replicated and then transcribed to RNA, which is translated to protein. the main purpose of genetic material is to encode the production of proteins in the correct cell, at the proper time, and in suitable amounts. Structural genes – encode the information for specific proteins Transcription: * rate of transcription depends on the affinity of polymerase to the promoter. 1. Initiation 1. Sigma factor binds to RNA polymerase 2. Complex (RNA Polymerase) binds to promoter 3. DNA strands unwind = open complex 2. Elongation 4. Sigma factor released 5. RNA polymerase synthesizes RNA
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a. Synthesizes the complimentary single strand RNA in 3’ direction b. Uracil substituted for thymine c. Open complex 10-15 bp 3. Termination 6. RNA polymerase reaches termination sequence 7. RNA polymerase and newly made RNA transcript dissociates from RNA. Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes: - Promotor - RNA polymerase - Transcription factors In Eukaryotes, - promotor more complex, - more polymerases and factors, - and RNA extensively processed. --Capping 5’ end --Splicing (removal of introns and ligation of exons) – spliceosome --Polyadenylation of 3’ end. (Poly A Tail) Introns must be removed with spliceosome before translation happens.
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BMZ_Chapter 12 Study Guide - Eudicots(beans...

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