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Witte Final Study Guide

Witte Final Study Guide - know/identify different...

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Witte Review (chapters 6, 8-13) Items for final: Calculator (central tendency), Normal Curve Sheet • Identify performance events, characteristics of rubrics, other performance measures; qualities of summative assessment, summative assessment defined • Grading practices (models/approaches), purpose of grading, modifications for special needs students, etc. • Test score terms, definitions, application of knowledge/skills to particular cases, etc. • Standardized test scores, value-added models, use of test scores in understanding student performance, etc. • Know the problem-solving method and be able to use it if student scenarios are presented, three tiered intervention model (know levels and what is done at each level), impact on instruction in the classroom;
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Unformatted text preview: know/identify different categories of special education qualifications • Know and/or identify the different types of assessment and the integration of these forms in the instructional process; provide the definition of classroom assessment Problem Solving Model 1. What’s the problem or concern? 2. Why does this problem exist? What is contributing to its existence? 3.What intervention needs to be implemented in order to address and fix this problem? 4. Was the intervention successful in fixing the problem? If it was, continue. If not, consider a new or modified plan of action. • Could be academic or behavioral. Typically trouble academically results in behavioral issues. Look on the website for the review: What’s a t-score? what’s a z score??...
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Witte Final Study Guide - know/identify different...

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