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bmz study guide #1 - Natural Selection 1 Variation of...

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Natural Selection 1. Variation of traits 2. Variation affects the ability to survive and reproduce 3. These traits are heritable and are passed to future generations Natural Selection is the mechanism that allows for evolution Evolution=a heritable change in one or more characteristics of a population or species across many generations. Species= group of related organisms that share a distinct form and can interbreed with one another. genes in a natural population are usually polymorphic o polymorphism- many traits display variation w/in a population o Due to 2 or more alleles that influence phenotype Why does microevolution occur? - characteristics that give a survival advantag e - if organis m is b etter ad apt ed it is m ore likely to survive and reproduce Darwinian Fitness- relative likeliness that a g enotype will contribute to the gen e pool fo future g en erations AA, Aa, a a AA- 5 offspring Aa- 4 offspring a a- 1 offspring Fitness of AA= 5/5 = 1 Fitness of Aa = 4/5 = 0.8 Fitness of a a = 1/5 = 0.2 Mutations are the m ain caus e of g en etic variation
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bmz study guide #1 - Natural Selection 1 Variation of...

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