MAT121-2007Spring - MAT 121 Final Exam; Ver. 1 May 7,2007...

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Unformatted text preview: MAT 121 Final Exam; Ver. 1 May 7,2007 UCCI Signature: Instructions: • There are 12 problems and each problem has several parts. Check that you have all 12 problems • Write the answers and show the main steps of your work on this test paper. • Cell phones must be turned off and put away! • Place your picture ID on the desk in front of you. • Formulas and tables are printed in a separate handout. DO NOT WRITE ON THE REST OF THIS COVER SHEET! (Your instructor will use this sheet for recording your scores.) Prob.Y Prob.4 Prob.T Prob.IO Prob.2 Prob.s PARTI Prob.5 Prob.6 PART2 Prob.8 Prob.9 PART3 Prob.II Prob.I2 PART4 1 Exam Version 1 Part I 1. a) (2 pts) Determine the appropriate level ofmeasurement: salaries of college professors. A) Ratio B) Ordinal C) Interval D) Nominal b) (2 pts) Is the following study experimental or observational? A stock analyst selects a stock from a group of 15 stocks for investment by choosing the stock with the greatest earnings per share for the most recent quarter. A) Experimental B) Observational c) (2 pts) Which type of sampling is used in the following? A market researcher selects 500 drivers under 30 years of age and 500 drivers over 30 years of age. A) Cluster B) Systematic C) Stratified D) Random E) Convenience 2. a) (3 pts) Suzie is 70 inches in height. If the mean height of all females is 64.5 inches and the standard deviation is 2.5 inches, compute Suzie's z-score z= b) (3 pts) Which score has a better relative position, a score...
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MAT121-2007Spring - MAT 121 Final Exam; Ver. 1 May 7,2007...

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