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quiz 6 - ~ 4 MCB 200 O ’65 Name Fall 2007 P Quiz#6...

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Unformatted text preview: +++~+4 MCB 200 O ’65 Name Fall 2007 P Quiz #6 Section What property of a duplex DNA strand is dictated by the phosphate linkages in which the backbones run in opposite directions? qfl-EiiPml‘OxiiCii What are the chemical bonds in DNA by which the sugar components of adjacent nucleotides are linked through the phosphate groups? Phofzphooireyéfl' i>0770i$ How many total hydrogen bonds exist in a double- stranded DNA molecule consisting of the following template sequence: A G T A C G ? ENT: 6 + BGECiq .~;l/S( During the replication of DNA, What is necessary for DNA polymerase to initiate the synthesis of each new DNA strand? l2 MA Primer What filnction of DNA polymerase enables this enzyme to correct errors in replication? Proofl’ecxd (1:: Draw the nucleotide subunit of a DNA molecule for adenine. Indicate the following structures in your diagram: 6 7 8. 9. l . the nitrogen base using appropriate one or two rings and the single letter code . the covalent bonds between members of the nucleotide using solid lines the associated sugar using the pentose structure (number the carbon positions) the associated phosphate® and hydroxyl groups 0 the 5 and 3’ ends of the nucleotide ...
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