American government April 19, 2011

American government April 19, 2011 - • Pendleton Act of...

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4/19/11 Presidential Approval Bush Trend with Rally Points Bureaucracy Observation: Any large organization has some form of bureaucracy. Why do we need bureaucracies? What do they do for us? Why do we hate bureaucracy? ( They treat us alike). Why are they inefficient? ( Example: waiting in line to get your drivers license/ filling out fasfa) Bureaucratic Growth Why do bureaucracies grow over time? 1) Weber Thesis: Complexity Bureaucracy 2) Acquisitive Model How does innovation occur? 1) Foresight Model 2) Garbage Can Model Staffing the Bureaucracy 1790s- 1830: educated elites 1830-1890s: “Spoils System” emerges with Andrew Jackson and modern mass parties. Patronage- hires for political connections. Most government jobs were in post office. Garfield Assassination
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Civil Service Reform Civil Service- governments employees hired based on merit or qualification, Who became president after Garfield?
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Unformatted text preview: • Pendleton Act of 1883 • Civil service only covered 10% of all government jobs in 1880s, expanded to 70% by 1930s. Why? • Hatch Act (1940) bans donations or campaigning by federal civil servants. Why? Non- Cabinet Agencies • Government Corporations (AMTRACK) • Independent Regulatory agencies. • Exist in between Executive and Legislative branches. Why? • Exercise both “rule making: (legislative) and “rule enforcing” (executive) authority. • Examples: Federal Communications Commission. Congressional Oversight • Congress retains to investigate the bureaucracy. • What type of oversight? Police Patrol of Fire Alarm? • Whistleblowers (Someone who alerts the rest of society, of someone doing something improper) • Sunshine Laws ( to make government more clear & transparent to the citizens. Make open to the public. )...
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American government April 19, 2011 - • Pendleton Act of...

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