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American Government April, 7, 2011

American Government April, 7, 2011 - If congress is...

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How a bill becomes a law. Committee/Subcommittee Hearings Markup Reporting Floor Actions Debate (House: time limits, Senate: unlimited debate---Filibuster/Cloture 60 votes) Amendments (House: Open/Closed Rules, Senate: very open to amendments) Passage Vote Presidential Options Veto the bill Sign the bill Not sign the bill (two possible outcomes)
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Unformatted text preview: If congress is “in”=law • If congress is “out”= not law Explosion in Delaying Tactics Congressional Process • Very difficult to pass laws • Status quo advantaged. • “conservative” cautious • Most change same incremental steps • Big changes are rare • Is it too slow? Is it too easy from losing party to obstruct?...
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