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Fine Arts - Olaoluwa 1 Cynthia Olaoluwa Professor Bradford...

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Olaoluwa 1 Cynthia Olaoluwa Professor Bradford English 1101 6 December 2010 The Elimination of Music Education (Straw Man) “Music promotes connective ability. It isn't just a means of recreation. It increases brainpower” (Sharon Begley). In 1838, in Boston, music education was introduced to students in public schools. Lowell Mason, who casted the determining vote, was responsible for adding music into the curriculum, in many public schools. Many people stand by the opinion that music programs in public schools should not be eliminated. The non existence of music, art, and drama takes away from the founding of talented students and the existence of art. Denying a child art is like taking away a baby from its mother. It is needed to grow, to discover talents, and to add an addition of talent to the new generations to come. Fine arts programs in public schools not only allow students to discover talents, but also allow the student to grow as a person. Students, who collaborate in performances with people, form a bond with classmates, which allow them to make friends and meet new people. Meeting new people in such an environment makes students more comfortable with communicating and being more social and also learning patience and discipline. I have benefited from these qualities, from being in a music educated class. Ever since Grayson High School opened its door, there has been one program that has lived up to its reputation. As a former member of the Grayson High School Chorus program I know that the Grayson High School Fine Arts program has done
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Fine Arts - Olaoluwa 1 Cynthia Olaoluwa Professor Bradford...

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