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HPS Group Activity

HPS Group Activity - you burn calories You also practice...

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Cynthia Olaoluwa Alecia Brown John Burgstiner Clarisse Clerge Warda The game we are going to play is GOTCHA. The objective of the game is to get other players out of the game by shooting free throws after the person in front of you. If you miss your free throw you are allowed to make a lay up, but making sure that you score a goal before the person behind you scores or you are out of the game. In order to play this game you will need to get two basketballs and a court and at least two people playing. We are doing this activity because it is exercise and rapid movement, which is good because it gets your heart rate up and
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Unformatted text preview: you burn calories. You also practice hand eye coordination and mental focus when shooting the ball. By doing this exercise we hope to achieve getting our heart rate up, but doing it in a fun way where you don’t realize that you are exercising. You should be careful of hurting yourself by bumping into people, slipping, and over working yourself if the game the game becomes too intense. Anyone can play this game unless you where advised by a physician not to perform intense exercise, for example pregnant woman....
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