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Cynthia Olaoluwa June 16 2011 Watson Homework [p.22] 1.12 The answer is part c, sex is a categorical variable and college debt is a quantitative variable. Sex is a categorical variable because sex places an individual into one or several groups. It would not make sense to place sex as a quantitative variable which averages the sex, because they are not numerical values. Furthermore college debt it a quantitative variable because it is a numerical value for which arithmetic operations makes sense. [p.23] 1.26 a) The distribution is mounded shaped and symmetric. The left and the right sides of the histogram are approximately the same, or practically mirror images of each other. The measure of the center is 108.5; this information was obtained by averaging the data from Table 1.4. The spread shows that the
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Unformatted text preview: standard deviation values are farther from the mean and we also have an outliner for the mounded shaped graph. X = 108.5 and S=13.484. b) 98.5 % students have scores above 100. [p.46] 2.28 A) The distribution is extremely skewed right, which was the expected skew and it has an outlier. B) The numerical summary in the graphs distribution is skewed right. Since the data is skewed, we use the median to measure the center, which is 102.5. The spread is the interquartile range described in the graph since it is skewed. Using the information from the interquartile range, we see that the outlier is 598, which is also the maximum in the graph....
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