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quiz 2 - MCB 200 ‘ O F'éf Name Fall 2007 Quiz#2 Section...

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Unformatted text preview: MCB 200 ‘ O F'éf Name Fall 2007 Quiz #2 Section 1. What are the various forms of a single given gene called? ad I43 le S 2. For a given trait, what designation is used for an individual having the same allele for a gene on homologous chromosomes? [70/710 Y—yflou S 3. Assuming equal sex ratios, if a mating has already produced 3 girls, what is the probability that the next child will be a girl? '/2 4. In families where both parents are heterozygous for a recessive trait, what is the probability of their having a child with a homozygous recessive genotype? Va 5. Two parents with blood types A and B have a child with blood type 0. What is the chance that their next child will be blood type A? The completely dominant allele (A) for skin pigmentation allows the expression of skin color, and the alternate recessive allele (a) prevents skin pigmentation, thereby causing albinism. Albert IS an albino man who has an albino mother and a father who has normally pigmented skin. For the following, consider the skin pigment alleles and the sex chromosomes. 6. What is Albert’s genotype? Qq X 2 7. What is Albert’s father’s genotype? AQ 2 g 2 8. What is Albert’s mother’s genotype? QCX X X 9-10. Albert marries a woman who is a carrier for the albinism allele. What is the probability that they will have a phenotypically normal child? [[2 + l N15“ er Show your work below for the genetic cross. q _ 0\ , +1 t cm x Aq A vaq mm at a '/Z 0m — dbl-no ...
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