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Leaving the cultural environment of India and heading towards a country on the east, one finds the cultural atmosphere be a lot different. The diversity of Tanzanian culture is mainly attributed to its language, traditional dance practices, and the agricultural background. There are over hundred languages spoken in Tanzania, however, Swahili is the official language and English is the subsidiary language. Some languages include: Hehe, Kabwa, Kara, Arabic, and Maasai. There are approximately 41 million people in Tanzania.
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Unformatted text preview: The population distribution in Tanzania is extremely uneven. Density varies from 1 person in arid regions to 51 people in mainlands well-watered highlands. More than 80% of the population is rural. The population growth is about 2%; the life expectancy is of males is about 50.5 years and of females is about 53.5 years. A high degree of risk of major infectious diseases such as malaria, typhoid and AIDs is present. The literacy level however in the past few years has increased to 69.4%....
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