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Class Exercise #3 – Due Friday, October 22 Descriptive statistics for Baseball Payrolls 1. Access the ‘Baseball’ data set from Angel. The data set is considered a “population” since it contains every major league baseball team’s total salary for 2003. The data set contains also the number of wins each team had during the year. 2. Determine the “five-number” summary as on p. 126 – the min, the max, the median, and the 25 th and 75 th percentiles (use fx – statistical – percentile), plus the standard deviation (population), and the coefficient of variation for both wins and payroll. 3. Determine the ‘Z-score’ for each team’s payroll (p. 121, eq. 3.9), and then shade the row(s) for the team(s) that may be considered outliers (according to the book criteria). 4. Determine the percentile for each team’s value by using the “Percentrank” function listed
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Unformatted text preview: under ‘fx’ and ‘Statistical’. 5. Sort the data so they are in ascending value according to the payroll or percentile. Each of the other variables (Z-score, wins, and percentile) should be correct for each team. 6. Show the correlation table for the four variables, with the rows and columns correctly labeled; correlations should have just two digits. 7. Create a scatter diagram of ‘Wins’ (y-variable) vs. ‘Payroll’, including finding the equation. Label this for presentation purposes as we did before. 7A. Determine from your equation exactly how many wins a team would get by spending an extra $10 million, an extra $50 million, and an extra $100 million. Put your three answers in a text box on the scatter diagram....
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