In-class_exercise_7 - In-class Exercise #7Probability...

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Unformatted text preview: In-class Exercise #7Probability density and cumulative probabilityfunctions for the normal probability distributionThis exercise is very similar to #6. It uses Excel to construct graphs of the density and the cumulative probability functions for the case of a normally distributed random variable. It also incorporates Chapter 7 by obtaining the probability distribution and density function for a sample mean derived from the same variable. To fully understand the concepts of sampling and sample mean probability distributions you can read section 7.5. From that section we will be using equation 7.1 to obtain the correct mean, and equation 7.3 to obtain the correct standard deviation, and will then reproduce a graph similar to Figure 7.7, p. 294.Assume that a random variable X = sales per day, and that the historical average is $500, with a standard deviation of $100. We could use this information to derive both the density function standard deviation of $100....
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In-class_exercise_7 - In-class Exercise #7Probability...

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